Main Course Options

Baked Chicken‎, Barbecue Chicken,‎ Caribbean Jerk Chicken,‎ Cream of Chicken,‎ Fried Pork Chops‎, Smothered Pork Chops,‎ Pulled Pork‎, Hamburgers,‎ Hot Dogs,‎ Smoked Sausage,‎ Chicken Tenders,‎ Ribs (Pork),‎ Turkey Wings,‎ Fried Fish,‎ Baked Salmon, Spaghetti, Lasagna‎, Meatloaf,‎ Chicken Wings‎, Lowcountry Boil,‎ Fried Shrimp, Crabs, Brisket

Vegetarian Options

Veggie Patties w/Gravy‎, Veggie Burgers & Hot Dogs,‎ Vegetarian Lasagna,‎ Vegetarian Spaghetti,‎ Vegetarian Meat Loaf‎‎

Side Options

Macaroni Salad,‎ Potato Salad,‎ Sweet Peas & Corn,‎ Green Beans,‎ Yams‎, White Rice,‎ Yellow Rice,‎ Dirty Rice‎, Rice & Peas,‎ Rice & Gravy,‎ Mac & Cheese‎, Cabbage‎ 


Red Velvet Cake, Brownies, White Cake, Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Cake, Cupcakes (various flavors), Strawberry, Banana pudding, and more!

List is not all inclusive... please contact us for a customized menu.

**please note, in order to provide you with the best possible service, we reserve the right to limit menu changes 48 hours prior to event day for events less than 50 people.  For events greater than 50, please limit menu changes 7 days out from event.  Exceptions can be made for dire circumstances.

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